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Sick Appointments

If your dog or cat is experiencing change in behavior, acting lethargic or has experienced an injury, please give us a call and schedule a sick appointment.

Illness Treatment

If you suspect your animal has an illness, we will schedule a sick appointment to come and see your dog or cat to perform an exam to determine the cause of the symptoms. Treatment can often be performed following the exam. Where additional medications are required we will provide a prescription for the medications and schedule a follow up to administer the medication or instruct you in giving the medication.

Injury Treatment

Injuries in dogs and cats can be obvious, especially if there is an open wound or bleeding. Other injuries may show themselves if you dog or cat is limping or yelps or winces in response to normal petting. If you suspect your pet is injured, we will schedule a sick appointment to assess the extent of the injury. Many injuries can be treated immediately. Should the injury require surgery, we will refer you to one of the reputable animal hospitals or veterinary offices in the area.

Diagnostic Testing

We can perform several diagnostic tests to help determine the overall health of your dogs and cats. Whether you have specific concerns or we notice something during an exam, we have multiple testing options available to determine the exact cause of the situation and recommend the proper treatment.

Let us help your fur baby feel better today!

Dog going for a walk
Providing at home veterinary services for the Chapin and Irmo area.
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.
For emergencies that occur outside business hours, please call SCVSEC at 803-561-0015 or CVETS at 803-995-8913.

Graham Vet to Pet

Graham Vet to Pet


Note: Now accepting new clients in the Chapin/Irmo areas only.

Schedule an Appoinment

Does your pet need to visit the vets office? Contact Forest Acres Animal Hospital to schedule a veterinary appointment.

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